Winter Cleaning Tips

Now that the winter season is upon us, most of us are staying indoors. However, the closed windows are making room for dust which causes allergy and asthma in the best of us. Here are a few tips to help you keep your home clean and hygienic, even during the winter season.

  • Go through all the closets and drawers and sort out your belongings in two piles – the giveaways and the keepers. Consider the golden rule when dividing the stuff – if you have not worn it for two years – it is definitely a giveaway. For the items that you need, arrange them neatly and wash/mend as needed.
  • Clean the windows in every room as thoroughly as you can. It is also a good idea to clean them on a sunny day as the windows tend to show the dirt you are trying to clear away more easily.
  • Always clean from the top down. Many people overlook the fans and chandeliers hanging from the ceilings but make sure to clean them as well while you are at it.
  • Floors are vacuumed now and then. But take this time to vacuum under the sofa, rugs, and beds. Move away other furniture like dressers, computer tables, TV trolleys – I guarantee you are likely to find a few dust balls and other fun surprises hidden. (Maybe even that missing remote!)
  • Rotate your mattresses. Experts recommend cleaning the mattress twice a year to prevent the dust mites from forming. Vacuum the top of the mattress and flip it over to vacuum the other side. Change or wash any mattress covers and bed linens in warm water.
  • Throw the pillows in the washer. Pillows especially throw pillows are often ignored and rarelywashed in their lifetime. Put them in the washer and add a scented detergent to make the cold nights, inviting.
  • Clean your pantry and throw away all expired products.  Most of us have things that get shoved in the back over time and you end up with multiples. Throw the ones or donate to a food bank.
  • Change the HVAC filter every month especially in the colder months. It will definitely make the air in your home more breathable and free of dirt.
  • Since you are spending more time indoors, chances are you are using your computer more than usual. This is a good time to give your computer a thorough clean. Turn the power off and give it a good cleaning using a soft and dry cloth.

We hope these winter cleaning tips help you out, especially since this weather sure leaves a good opportunity to get some indoor cleaning done!  Unfortunately, house cleaning robots have not yet made their way into our lives, but Around the Clock Cleaning has! If you live in York or the surrounding area – give us a call and we will take care of your cleaning tasks for you. We offer a variety of cleaning services including carpet and windows cleaning. Contact us now for a free quote!